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The Complete Admission Process of Agra's Best Schools

The Complete Admission Process of Agra’s Best Schools

Admissions season can be extremely stressful for parents, and they can often become completely exhausted from keeping track of the many steps involved in applying to various schools.

It is much more convenient to have the admission process of all these schools in one place so that they can be easily referred to, without having to individually visit their websites. So, here is a list of the complete admission process of Agra’s best schools.

Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School Building Picture From Front Side

The first step is enquiry. You learn about the school and the grade recommendations for children of a certain age. Registration is the next step in this process. Both of these steps are to be completed online.

The parents are not required to visit the school for it. From Class Nursery to Preparatory II, the only requirement is for your child to meet the age criteria. However, an informal interaction will be required with the child if they are to be admitted in classes 1 to 3.

 For admission in Grades 4 to 9, as well as 11, the child will be required to take a written test— for which the school will provide the syllabus. Afterwards, an interaction will take place between them and the admission authorities. 

The admission results will be uploaded online or sent through SMS on the registered mobile number. The fee payment will be online and then only some documents are to be submitted like the TC, last qualified class report card, birth certificate, health card, and passport-sized photos.

GD Goenka Public School

Parents can visit the admissions office during fixed hours for the application form or download it from the school website. Stamp-sized photos need to be pasted on the form as well as the interview slip. 

This form must be submitted at the office by the parents. The child will be admitted after successfully passing the written test organised by the school and sitting in on an interview with the admissions authority.

The interview slip shall be submitted during the time of the interview along with the original marks list of the written test and the birth certificate of the child. The TC from the previous school is also to be submitted.

The International School Agra

tisa students representing school

There are eight steps in the admission process for TISA. First, an admission inquiry needs to be made, after which, the school will assign an admission counsellor, who will aid you in filling out the admission form. 

Your child will need to take the entrance test, based on which they will be admitted into the school. If they pass the test, they will be required to meet the principal along with their family.

 After that, all that remains is for you to submit the official form and the required documents like your child’s transfer certificate, birth certificate, and more. Once you have paid the fee for the academic session, you will get the receipt and the message for confirmation of your child’s admission.

St. Patrick’s Junior College

First, an application needs to be submitted to the principal for admission. For admission to LKG, an online admission form must be filled out. Admission into Classes 1 to 9 shall be given on the basis of a competitive test.

 If the child is to be admitted to LKG, certain documents like their birth certificate, passport size photo, family photograph, Aadhar Card of Parent, and address proof are required. For children seeking admission in Classes 1 to 9, their TC from the previous school is required.

St. Peter’s College

Admission is given to children based on their scores in the entrance test conducted by the school. Children taking admission in Grade 1 are required to be no younger than 5 years 10 months and no older than 6 years 6 months. 

This age requirement is the same for every Grade, with one year added the higher the Grade is. Children taking admission for the first time will be required to submit their birth certificate or baptism certificate. The rest will be required also to submit their transfer certificate from the previous school.

St. Peter’s College Building Picture form front side

St. Anthony’s Junior College

Every application for admission in Grades 1 to 10 shall be submitted to the Principal of the school. For LKG admissions, an online registration form can be filled out. Children applying for admission will be required to take the competitive entrance test organised by the school. The candidates who pass the test will have to submit their transfer certificate from the previous school as well as their birth certificate.

St. Conrad’s Inter College

Parents are required to make an appointment at the admissions office of the school and get an admission form from there. However, they can also access the form through the school website.

 Upon filling out the said form, you are required to submit it to the admissions office along with the required documents like the child’s birth certificate, passport-size photographs, and TC from the previous school.

St. Clare’s Senior Secondary School

Admission forms for Nursery and LKG can be filled out online but for grades above that level, the forms will be available at the admissions office of the school. Children seeking admission will have to take the entrance test organised by the school. 

The parents need to submit their child’s birth certificate along with their transfer certificate from their previous school. Children cannot be admitted to Grade 1 if they are younger than 5 years old or older than 6 years old. Every subsequent grade will be subject to this age restriction, with an additional year added for each higher grade.

St. Clares Senio -Secondary School building picture from front side

Mount Litera Zee School

Inquiry is the first step in the admission process for this school. The inquiry form can be filled out online. Parents shall be invited for a campus tour after the receipt of the inquiry. 

They need to fill out the application form for their child’s admission and submit it along with copies of their Aadhar cards and the child’s birth certificate. Upon submission, an entrance test will be scheduled for the child if they are seeking admission in Grade 2 or above.

 For admission in a grade below that, only an informal interaction with the admissions authority will be required. If the child passes the test, they will be qualified for admission. Only the fee payment will be left to confirm their seat.

The Bottom Line

This is the list of the admission processes of some of the best schools in Agra. If you are seeking admission to any of these schools, simply follow the process mentioned and begin the journey of introducing your child to a new educational environment.

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