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How to Select the Right Stream for Your Child After 10th Class

How to Select the Right Stream for Your Child After 10th Class?

Once your child completes their 10th grade, the biggest question that arises before you is which stream should be selected for them. Selecting a stream isn’t just something that impacts your child’s education in their 11th and 12th grade but their career as well. The subjects they study are going to determine what they are going to study in college and what career options will be open to them.

It is a big deal and such an important decision should not be taken lightly, so it’s natural to have doubts on how to go about the selection process. This is why here are some tips that can help you with it.

Look at the Available Streams

If you are selecting a stream for your child, you first need to know exactly which streams are available. There are mainly three: Science, Commerce and Humanities. Science has been divided into three types that are, PCM, PCB, and PCMB, with P for Physics, C for Chemistry, M for Maths and B for Biology. With Commerce and Humanities, there is no such division. There is a fourth stream, where your child can opt for a vocational course instead of continuing their schooling.

It is best that you read about all these streams before deciding anything. This decision needs to be an informed one as it is going to set your child on the path to their future career.

Find Out Your Child’s Interests

Before choosing any stream for your child after they complete their 10th Class, you need to understand what their interests are. A child’s interests determine what path would be best for them. If they enjoy studying a certain subject, then it would be better if they are enrolled in a stream that includes that subject. Since they like the subject, they are more likely to perform better in that stream. If they are forced to choose a stream with subjects that they either don’t like or are not familiar with, they might not feel comfortable with studying them.

Analyse Their Strengths

Every child has different strengths and before you choose a stream for them, you need to figure out what are your child’s strengths. Look at the subjects and your child’s marks because this should tell you where your child excels. Sometimes the streams can have unfamiliar subjects, like Business Studies and Accountancy in the Commerce stream. This does not mean that such a stream is out of the question for your child. Their interests might not be able to help you in this case but your child’s strengths definitely can.

Whether they are good at calculations and thinking logically and whether they score well in Economics and are comfortable with all theory subjects in general. These questions are an example of the analysis that can tell you if your child is ready for a stream such as Commerce. You can similarly analyse them for other streams as well. If your child is good at science as well as math, then they might be able to score great in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics), and so on.

Discuss Their Career Goals

It is important to know your child’s career goals before you decide on any stream after the 10th grade for further education. Every stream will take them on a different path, depending on the subjects included in them. If your child’s goals align with the path a particular stream will take them on, then you should put it on the top of your list. If you prioritise your child’s wants and needs, then you will find that they will perform better than they would have if you had disregarded them.

So, make sure you sit down and have a chat with your child about their career goals because it can tell you a lot about how they wish to proceed in life. They are the ones who are going to make a career using one of the streams, so it is important to keep their goals in mind during the selection process.

Analyse the Syllabus

Look at the subjects and what topics are going to be taught in each of them. Each stream has a variety of subjects and its syllabus is designed to teach them the topics that can help them build a strong base and learn useful skills for their future endeavours. When you know exactly which subjects and topics within those subjects will be taught to your child, you can make a better decision about their stream. Make sure you consider those streams which have a syllabus that your child is comfortable with.

Find a Balance Between Interests and Career

You need to find a balance between your child’s interests and the practical career options. If everyone got to be who they wanted to be then this would be an ideal world. Since it is not so, one has to choose practical options for their career in order to be successful. This is why you need to make sure that you don’t disregard your child’s interest completely but also don’t let them steer you away from a practical decision. You need to help your child find a stream that can align with some of their interests and help them secure a stable future.

Pay Attention to the Impact of Peer’s Choice

The choice of your child’s peers can impact their choice as well. Often, kids want to go where their friends go, this is no different when it comes to choosing streams. Nobody wants to leave their friends behind, so your child will most probably want to choose a stream that their friends are choosing. You need to make sure that their choice isn’t purely the result of their peer’s choices. If your child’s decision is greatly impacted by that of their peers, you need to step in and ensure that their stream is the one that is beneficial for their future.

Look at the Trends in Education

There are often trends where certain career choices get popular and in turn, the streams that lead to such career choices get popular as well. Sometimes, being a doctor is in trend, so the stream PCB or PCMB becomes popular, sometimes being an engineer becomes popular, making PCM a favoured choice, and more. These trends come and go according to the opportunities that arise in the employment sector. So, you need to analyse these trends and make a decision for your child’s stream accordingly.

The Bottom Line

So, this is a list of things you can do before you choose a stream for your child after the 10th Class. You can either use all of these tips or use a combination of a few of them in order to arrive at a decision. As long as you use even one or two of these tips, your decision will be quite informed.

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