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How Location Can Impact Your Child's Education

Overlooked Factors in School Selection: How Location Can Impact Your Child’s Education

Location is incredibly important when it comes to schools. While searching for the best school for your child, you must take their location into consideration. No matter how good a school is, if it is not situated at the ideal place, it will never be right for your kid. Ignoring location’s importance can even negatively affect you.

Wanting the best education for your child is natural, however, that isn’t the only important thing for your child’s development and future.  Choosing a school that is too far away only because it can provide excellent education to your child is a decision that can end up negatively affecting the very education you care about. Here are some reasons why location is so important when choosing the perfect school.

Too Much Time Spent Commuting

It is obvious that a school which is not close to your home will require that your child spend long hours commuting just to reach it. Every second of a child’s life is precious. They have so much to learn and experience before they grow up and get burdened with the responsibilities of an adult. If they spend half the time going to and from school, their childhood will fly by them, without them having experienced anything.

Time is a precious commodity not only for your child but for you as well. If you are dropping your kid to a school that is located somewhere far away from your house and workplace, you are wasting a lot of your time on travel too. If the school is in Mathura but you live in Agra, your child will have to suffer through the long hours of travel. It would be a better option to find a school in Agra for your child.

Perpetual Exhaustion

Your child is just a human being and you may know that very well but the modern education system doesn’t. They treat students like machines in class, giving them a ton of homework, filling their days with tests and exams. There is very little time in which a school-going kid can have fun and that also depends on whether that kid has the energy to do something fun.

If a kid has to spend a lot of time commuting, he or she is bound to be exhausted. And since they have to do it daily, they are not able to recover from it. Getting ample rest and having fun are the two most important things that ensure that your child stays fit both physically and mentally.

Increased Expenses

Commuting long distances is not just a waste of time but also money. Travel expenses can be easily reduced by finding a school that is located somewhere convenient to reach. If the child’s school is near or easy to reach, he or she can easily go by themselves using a bicycle. This way, they will not only be saving money, they will also be learning how to be independent. On the other hand, if the school is located far away, your child will need to commute either in the school bus or with you. Both are expensive options.

Effect of the Locality

The locality of the school can have a significant effect on its affordability. The more posh an area, the higher will be the fee of that area’s school. It is important to consider the affordability of the school that you are choosing for your child. And since that factor is connected with the factor of location, you cannot overlook the latter.

Another thing that locality impacts is the type of students that your child will meet at school. If the school is in a questionable neighborhood, you might want to avoid sending your kid there because of the company he or she might end up having. Children learn a lot from their friends and peers, so they can adopt bad habits, learn to behave badly, and much more if they get such company.

Lack of Safety

When the close is closer to you and you can access it easily, you can stay free of worry about your child’s safety. You know that whenever your children need you, you can be there for them. However, that is not the case when the school is located in a place that cannot be accessed as easily. This is bound to become a source of worry for you because you will always be uncertain about your child’s safety.

If the school is situated somewhere that you deem unsafe, both you and your child will be constantly worrying about that. It will most definitely affect your child’s education because he or she will hardly be able to focus under such stress.

No Sense of Belonging

Unfamiliar surroundings are a given when a child first goes to school or switches from the old one to new. However, too much unfamiliarity can negatively impact the child and their ability to focus on what is being taught. They might feel lonely in a new environment, especially if the school is far away from their home. When the school is located nearby, a child always feels reassured that he or she can go home easily if any problem arises. But when the school is far away, the child might feel insecure and helpless.

If the school is in your neighbourhood or in a community where you are involved, you can volunteer at your child’s school. You can always be there when he or she needs you, and overall be more involved than you would be if the school was somewhere else. This creates a sense of belonging where your child feels comfortable and thus, is more likely to focus better on studies.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the ways location impacts your child’s education. For these reasons, it is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a school for your kid. Overlooking this factor can have quite the negative consequences.

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