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10 YouTube Channels For Your Child

10 YouTube Channels For Your Child

YouTube is an ocean of channels that are targeted towards almost all age groups. YouTube Kids is a part of this platform that is made solely for children. This means that the channels available are all targeted towards young viewers. However, this doesn’t narrow down your choices because there are numerous channels for kids with all kinds of content. So, here are ten YouTube channels for your child that provide great content to them.


Women laptop showing the you tube channel which is TED-Ed

TED is an initiative of TED which is targeted towards educating young minds. It was started in 2012 and is now one of the most popular projects by the non-profit organisation. On YouTube, TED-ED is immensely popular with 19.4 million subscribers. The channel has posted over 2000 videos and is still actively uploading content. It mainly features fun and creative animations paired with educational content. The videos are short but they are enough to make your kids curious about subjects being dealt with. With TED-ED, your kids are learning something new every day.

Crash Course Kids

If your kids are science lovers then this YouTube channel is definitely a must-watch for them. Although it may not be currently uploading new content, the videos that have already been posted on the channel are definitely worth checking out. In each video, the host Sabrina Cruz teaches the young viewers about Earth, Physics, Astronomy, and much more. Your child is bound to learn many things from these videos that they would not have been able to learn in a classroom. It is because the videos are able to capture their attention and keep them learning.

PBS Kids

Women showing the you tube channel which is PBS Kids

With 2.23 million subscribers and over 3500 videos, this YouTube channel is wildly popular with kids from the age of 2-8. They feature certain animated characters that are involved in certain storylines and adventures that teach life lessons to the kids. The kids can identify with characters and get inspired by them. Learning new things becomes way more fun when animated characters are the ones teaching them. The content of this channel is highly engaging and stays with the young viewers, educating them to be and do better.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has been a greatly popular channel on cable TV. Now, Nat Geo Kids on YouTube is reaching such fame among the young viewers around the world. The channel is actively uploading videos and currently has over 1.02 million subscribers. With fun videos that feature a variety of animals like pandas, lions, sharks, and more, the channel keeps its audience captivated. There are also videos that show many kinds of science experiments and tricks that not only entertain the kids but also teach them more about the subject.

Netflix Jr.

Two women seeing the Netflix Jr. at laptop in the bed

Netflix is a well-known streaming service that has been serving a variety of content to its viewers. Netflix Jr is a venture of this company that is entertaining kids on YouTube with lots of fun and engaging content. The channel has over 15.6 million subscribers and more than 2200 videos with interesting characters and stories. The animation, songs, short tales, and more make the videos exciting to watch. Kids get to watch stimulating content which is quite healthy for their brains. They also get to play various games through these videos which keep them active.

Khan Academy Kids

An initiative of the non-profit organization Khan Academy, this YouTube channel is dedicated towards providing top-tier educational content for kids. The channel’s main aim is to educate its viewers about a wide variety of subjects. It is an excellent channel that school-going little kids can watch in their free time to not only entertain themselves but continue learning something new. The educators at Khan Academy Kids know how to make learning fun for their audience while also ensuring that the information is easy to understand.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Kid exploring the cosmic kids yoga you tube channel at laptop for learning

Yoga is not something the majority of the little kids consider an interesting use of their time, so it can be hard to encourage them. If you wish to promote mindfulness in your kids and encourage them to do yoga, you need to make it fun! And this is exactly what Cosmic Kids Yoga does. The channel has around 1.51 million subscribers and over 900 videos that teach kids to do Yoga while keeping them entertained. There are numerous videos that teach kids easy yoga movements while featuring different cartoons that make the videos engaging for the kids.


BrainPOP introduces important topics of discussion with top-notch animation that makes them easier to understand. The storybook-like presentation of the videos is highly engaging and manages to convey the idea of the topic quite clearly. The topics introduced are educational and also teach life lessons that are very beneficial for the kids. Every topic is carefully chosen to deliver the type of information that kids might not learn in a classroom or might not learn as enthusiastically. The subjects of these videos range from science to history. There is a video for most subjects that one can come up with. 


Man Search Minute physics You tube channel in the desktop

As can be understood from the name, Minutephysics is a YouTube channel that uploads lots of interesting content dealing with various topics of physics. Just looking at the title of the video can make a kid curious enough to watch the video. The content is what makes the kids stay and learn. There are many complicated topics that are made easier in this channel’s videos. Another point in its favour is that the videos have great graphics and animation. They make the content easy to watch and understand.

Ryan’s World

This channel is wildly popular with the kids not only because of the content it features but also because of its host. Ryan’s World is hosted by a 12-year-old child named Ryan who does a variety of activities like science experiments, challenges, arts and crafts, and much more. These activities inspire and encourage kids to be more creative and curious. Overall, the videos on this channel are highly entertaining and educational.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the top YouTube channels that are not just fun but also teach great things to their young audience. They introduce the type of content to the kids that develops their brains and helps them grow in a positive way. If you want your child to consume good content that does not impact them in a negative way, these channels are great options.

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