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best international school in agra

Best International School in Agra

The International School Agra is set amidst lush greenery on a sprawling campus. Being situated on the outskirts of Agra, the school provides a pollution-free environment for its students to get nurtured and grow as healthy human beings.

It is one of the best CBSE Schools in Agra. The curriculum of the school is a perfect blend, which prepares students to compete with international standards. As the school focuses on sports and games to be an integral part, along with academics, students are able to participate and bring laurels in every field. The students of the International School Agra (TISA) find the school to be an extension of their home, a place where learning takes place in a caring and safe environment under the guidance of experienced staff.

TISA has emerged as the leading and best educational institution for the students of Agra. Along with a focus on overall growth, TISA ensures students’ safety and security with round-the-clock monitoring of school premises through dedicated supervisors and high-definition CCTV cameras. Ranked among the top CBSE Schools in Agra, TISA empowers students with 360° holistic development through innovative and fun visualization and interactive modules.

The student exchange programs and tours prepare the students to face the world and have the best exposure. Visits of international sports teams on the campus enable students to learn differently and understand different perspectives altogether. The sports faculty ensures teaching children to mingle with players from different corners of the world and brush up their skills to an International level. The classes are equipped with smart board facilities which bring the whole world to their fingertips. The leaders of tomorrow are developed in this institution. Students find it simple to learn and overcome any obstacles in their lives because of their progressive approach. There are many factors that contribute to TISA with stellar refutations, from a stunning setting to outstanding academic dynamic sports participation.

Along with a curriculum that is recognized internationally, TISA provides students with a wide range of modern amenities. The huge library, wide of range books, and E-reading facility The International School Agra (TISA) runs with the motto be prepared for all difficulties. Being a K-12 School provides all the top-notch facilities of an International School for the expansive holistic growth of the students.

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